Introducing: Ho Chi Minh / Saigon – Vietnam

First impressions touring Vietnam starting SOUTH: Ho Chi Minh City

Straight out of the gates, the adventure begins. I took a flight from Avalon Airport, Australia to Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport, Ho Chi Minh – Vietnams busiest airport – to meet with my family who left the day prior. I flew a cheap flight with Air Asia with one 2hr stop over in Kuala Lumpur.

The view when flying over Vietnam was amazing! The landscape here was very flat with many brown murky rivers. I really enjoyed viewng the way the rivers wove through the land. Everything looks so calm when you’re up and away from it all in a plane, and boy did I miss that sense of calm as soon as I stepped into the streets of Ho Chi Minh.

Maybe I was deluded from a lack of sleep, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I noticed my hotel transfer driver pick his nose for most of the way to the hotel. Even amongst the crazy packed traffic and constant car and motorcycle toots,


Melbourne is the closest city to where l live and I learnt that thats nothing compared with the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City. Just for perspective, the population density of Melbourne is 450 people per sq km, whereas Ho Chi Mihn’s is 4.097 people per sq km.

Ho Chi Minh = Siagon

That’s right. Ho Chi Minh is Saigon and both names can be used interchangably. Historically, the city was called Saigon, however since the Vietnamese war it was renamed after the Prime Minister of North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, to celebrate the unification of North and South Vietnam.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a more in depth post about the history of Vietman.

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